I am the Crowd

I’m the Multitude

The Common People

I am You and Them

and One and All

and Us


I am We

The Many


I hereby

Make my claim

And declare


I live in

Interesting Times


Information Age


iEast and West, iPole to Pole

iWork and Play,

iNight and Day

iEarth and Water,

iFire and Air

I eat and drink and breathe

Bytes and Megs and Gigs

E-mail, Smart Phone, Webcam




Blog and Tweet and Surf

Download and Chat Room

plus USB and MP3

and on and on and

On the Air

On Line

All Live

Eternal Now

Unending Updates

Breaking News Down,

you Digital Beast,

Easy on my analogue Heart!


It’s high time I paused to

Take stock


Review my options




I want a new explanation

I need a new translation

I desire a new vision

I long for a new map

I am the World

In search of a

World View


I demand:

A new Magna Carta

A new

Declaration of Independence




A new Charter
of the Rights of Man

A new I have a dream! speech

I’ve seen manifestos before

Calling to arms, rallying cries

Long Live this!

& Down With that!

Imaginings & hallucinations

Utopias & Promised Lands

Yet I must go Beyond


I now announce

The Hymn of the

I now write

THE Manifesto of Manifestos!






I keep owning things

Which keep owning me

I have many lifebelts

But can’t keep afloat

I pile up gadgets

But can’t rise above

I’m spoilt for cures

But don’t seem to heal

I catalogue signposts

But can’t find my way

My lights are all on,

But I’m not at home




I’m all dressed up

With nowhere to go

I have all the tools

But what is my task?

I have all the toys

But what is my game?

I’m logged in and on

But what do I say?

In an avalanche

Of information

Where is Knowledge?

In a deluge

Of titillation

Where is


In torrents of Simulation

Where is Anything?




It is I,

the stranded consumer,

choking, sick to the stomach of one too many flashy Diversions,

Cheap Thrills,

Amusements and Apps


It is I, 

the angry human,

muttering Enough is Enough,

of being


in the wrong place at the wrong time,

a Fish out of water,

a Mismatch






Where am I?


In the Dragon’s Network

On the Road


Out on a Limb

At the Point of no Return

Somewhere Over the Rainbow


When am I?


In the nick of time

In a rite of passage

In the Hour of Need


At the Dawning of a New Age

Flashing Forward



Who am I?

I’m a Wo/Man child

A New Kid on the block

A Stranger

who walks into a bar

A Joker in the pack

A flock of Birds,

a school of Fish

Alive and Kicking

Shaken, but not Stirred

Salt of the Earth

Why am I?

Because I can see the Light




I’m Holding my Own

Putting two and two together

Biting the bullet

Drawing a line in the sand

Going for it

Because it’s a matter

of Life and Death

What am I?

I’m a Baptism of Fire

A Spanner in the Works

Unchartered Territory

A U-Turn

The Tip of the Iceberg

The Genie in the Bottle

The Eye of the storm

How am I?

Funny Ha

Sober, Solemn, Bitter

Grumpy, Offensive



-Ha, Funny Peculiar,






I refuse to have

My future behind me

I ache to reclaim





I owe it to Humanity

To be a Hero!

I’m getting Ready

And Willing

And Able

For the Serious Fun

Of what is to come

I have the talent,

I know it, I feel it

I’m yearning to live it

I’m a lucid dreamer

And hereby

I accept my limitations

And take responsibility


I grab the steering wheel of history

I mobilise and organise

I take control of my life

I forge myself

In daily action

Connect with myself

As I do with others

I make myself useful

I give back to society

Twice what I take from it

I rebel

and serve as an example

I do as I would be done by

I strive for a Shared life

In a Shared world






Talk to me Parent, Child, Sister, Brother

Make sense to me Mr. President, Politician,

Sir Ms. Banker, Mr. Lawyer, Ms. Computer Developer


Look at me Classmate, Colleague, Neighbour

Dance with me Partner, Lover, Stranger

For we’re going global





I’m defeating my

Sensory overload

Compulsive addiction

Software virus

Malware, spyware

Frozen screen

Wireless jungle

Spam folder

I’m shaking hands

With my Extended Self

I celebrate my Remix

My new iMe

I’m conquering

The Virtual

I’m dancing with it




I’m taming Cyberia

I’m embracing it

I know what I want

And I’m going to get it

Only the impossible

Is worth aiming for

I reclaim my space

I follow my intuition

I put my foot down

I get involved

I strive and I pledge

To turn Data

into Knowledge

Use Technology wisely

Protect our environment

Strengthen our community

Conquer poverty

Reduce disease

Minimise waste

Unlock new powers

For abundant and meaningful



I will not forget

To remember

My Humanity








The Many


The I-Revolution

I am the I

In the I-Revolution

I am the eye

Of the I-Revolution

I was born in the storm

Of the I-Revolution

And Here and Now

I’m Coming of Age!








We believe:

1. Mankind is able to function as one global being. All is one. We can skip borders  and aim for hapiness for all.


2. Digital/technical advancement leads to a  maximal efficiënty.

3. In empowerment of the individual. A human centred society. 

4. An end of religion and churches as we know them. We strive to create heaven on earth instead of in afterlife.

5. Respecting our planet. Free energy is possible and endurable products

1.  Mondial

A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members. Mankind can and will act as one species, improving hapiness for the many instead of aiming for profit by a few.
Acting like one team.
WTM Nation is based on the empowerment of the individual.
A human centered society is taking the place of one that serves institutions.

Human species as a whole can function like one giant being.

In which every cell has a unique, specific task, thereby contributing to the whole. Individuals strive for personal growth and aim to become their own best version. When we aim for personal growth and forget about status and gaining property, we will find and create jobs that suite our personality. Because all contribute to the whole, all have to know what is the aim of mankind as a whole. This way everybody can align his model for personal growth to the aim of mankind.

Each individual gives to society according to his ability and receives according to his needs.

Space and Time are secondary,

it’s about action in the here and now. The internet brings likeminded together. Therefor nations and territory are losing their function. The whole world is within reach. Most of us notice they have more in common with like-minded people on the other end of the world, then their neighbor: What’s the point of defending a territory?

2. Efficiency

In digital and technical advancement as a means of improving conditions of the many. A rising consciousness of the crowd, triggered by the digital revolution. It’s all about sharing knowledge, visions and experiences. Sharing is caring. Wikinomics: the use of mass collaboration and open-source technology, such as wikis.

3. Freedom

Less rules and more personal freedom lead to more happiness for all. The accumulation of (pointless) rules comes forth out of fear to lose control. This crushes personal freedom. Instead of control thinking (which is based on fear)  we can start creating (which is based on love).


4. Earth is Heaven

By tolerating differences, respecting one another and appreciating  the differences we build on a paradise on earth. Practicing forgiveness and validate uniqueness makes us grow. A human centered society listens to the needs of people. People are different and have different needs.
Being happy is a personal responsibility. And only by tolerating different opinions and grant others their opinion it is possible to take personal responsibility for one’s one happiness.
|Oppression of feelings and ideas leads to mental emptiness.
A balance can be found by striving to serve the self as much as the other.  The meaning of life is to enjoy life as much as possible. Church and religion have placed enduring happiness to the after live. If we use love as advisor instead of fear a paradise can be created on earth. If everybody acts like Earth is Heaven then it is.

5. Endurable products

Companies strive for profit instead of selling the best products. By making better and more enduring products they would save a lot of money and energy on marketing. Capitalism may be the most effective economical system we know, it doesn’t mean improvement is possible. Instead of aiming for more profit the aim of companies and governments can be redirected in: More happiness for all.






Get Real

To all you dreamers:

Earth is calling

It's time to wake up now &

start making our dreams come true

Way too long we've been a sleep

believing we had to think & say

what others wanted us to say & think


Afraid of ending up alone

being thrown out

'cause our

opinion might deviate 

Wake up ! 

We have been acting like sheep

afraid of some lone wolf that might

grab us


Although we know

all real threats 

have long gone

We are safe...


What's left is the fear we create by thinking about what

might go wrong

But we 're safe as sheeps in a sty

with a fence around

and guards

and security


and a track & trace system

and virusscanners

We are so used to being afraid

that in a way it is comforting us

It keeps our minds busy

 those fear fantasies 

created by Them 

But do not forget: Them are Us. 


We are preventing ourselves against what ?

We are installing restrictions to make the

selfcreated 'danger' go away 

fear itself is keeping us together


Would we admit that there's no danger  

that we’re just addicted to the thrill of it

& addicted to a feeling of despair

confirming each other

like crying babies

then we would realize

that we are deliberately avoiding 

the real questions


why are we here ?

what do I want ?

and how do I succeed in achieving enduring happiness ?

how do we do that together?

That's what really should have our interest


Ask yourself: What makes you feel good?

Apart from buying stuff

Stuff you don't need

To impress people you don't like


Ask yourself

and the answer(s) should direct your live

will bring you to who you really are

Now that we have the knowledge to create comfort for all of us 

with computers, machines, robots, 

so that we don't need to work all week 

and have time off
extra time 

for fun things 

for creation
We come from centuries of avoiding pain
& strategies to survive
Now for the first time in history we can make this planet a paradise for all
and since the i-revolution 

the more and more people awaken 

They understand that religions as we know them have lost their function 

We have outgrown them
We are too smart for that ancient storytelling 

We grasp there can be no God with a white beard on a cloud who will punish us if we don't listen 


We are not born sinners 

begging for mercy 

F*** that s***! 

The real God is the one we create today

in our image


We ourselves are creating reality

why not create this reality as beautiful as possible?

All of us


As one species

Take care of our world

make it the best world possible

That ain't too difficult

it's fun to create 

And we can start today

You can start now

By feeling good

That 's just a mental state

you can master

You’re able to feel good all of the time

whenever you want

it's all in the mind

Stop worrying

Start loving







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